Hey, glad we can have a debate. At least I hope. I think it's absolutely right that we should be asking the question if particular roles should go to African Americans. That was really the point of the article. There is of course a similar debate around whether Black Britons or Black Americans should be cast in historical African roles. I have friends from Uganda and South Africa that were unhappy Idi Amin was played by an African American and Nelson Mandela was played by a Black Briton as well as an African American. It is a debate that I think is important. I would disagree that Black Britons are taking advantage of racism. Black British people experience the same narrow pool of opportunity, broadly speaking, as Black Americans, or Black Africans, or Black South Americans. The solution from my perspective is in creating a broader range of opportunities across the African diaspora, as nobody Black can ever really benefit from systemic racism. One way or another, the house always wins.

Father, Husband, Storyteller, Jedi. In that order. Also Director at theAfrohairplug.com

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